Senior Competitive

This program is for rowers looking to train and compete at various local, regional, and national regattas. There is no age limit for competitive rowing however if you are over 27 years of age, you have the option of competing under the Masters category. If you are under 19 you would compete as a Junior.
We train throughout the year. From May to October training is usually on the river. We have sessions throughout the week both in the early morning as well as in the evening. From November to April we train inside. Indoor training is done primarily on ergometers with some use of the rowing tank. 
The ERC mainly competes in the Prairie provinces but does attend regattas in BC as well as Royal Canadian Henley in St. Catharines, ON. You will train and race in all boat classes. If you are on the competitive program then we expect that you participate in a minimum of three regattas from May through to October. If you cannot commit to three or more regattas then one of the other programs would be best for you. 
As part of your membership the ERC requires all competitive members to work four bingo shifts over the year. If you do not want to work them, you can pay them out . Additionally, in order to maintain our operations, programs, and services we require our competitive members to volunteer thirty hours at the Club. You have the entire year to fulfill these obligations. 
If you have rowing experience and are interested in joining the ERC competitive program please contact Amanda Cinnamon (
Purchase Competitive Membership
The following competitive membership options are available for purchase on the Rowing Canada Aviron web registration system; registration opens April 1st, 2018:
§  0318C01 – Competitive Full – $650.00
§  0318C02 – Competitive Full with Bingo Payout – $1050.00
Click here for instruction on how to purchase membership/register for programs.
If you have any membership questions or inquiries, please email membership director Mei Wah Fong (

Members of the Senior Competitive team competing at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in 2015