Private Boat Storage

Edmonton Rowing Club Boat Storage Policy
April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 Fee: $275.00

You can pay for boat storage fee via the link below


The Edmonton Rowing Club (ERC) has limited space available for members in good standing to store privately owned boats. The Boat Storage Policy was developed to provide a fair system for the allocation of new and existing spaces. The ERC’s priority is the storage of club boats, and does not guarantee the availability of storage space for private boats, whether or not those boats have been stored in ERC facilities in the past.

Please note:

  • Only members of the ERC are eligible to store private boats in ERC facilities. You must have a Full membership to be eligible for private-boat storage.  Boat storage is not available to Punch Card holders.
  • You must pay your membership fees and the boat-storage fee on time.
  • You must keep your email current with the ERC. The ERC uses your email for important notifications, including notifications that may result in the removal of your equipment.
  1. ERC boats have first priority: The ERC may need from time to time to increase the storage space it uses for club boats. If this requires the removal of private boats from ERC facilities, the ERC will give the affected members one year’s notice of the need to remove their boats. For each class of boat (1x, 2-x, 4-x, 8x), the boats most recently allocated storage spaces will be the first to be removed.
  2. Renewals have second priority: Existing assignments will be given priority for renewal over new applications.
  3. Only ERC members in good standing are eligible to store boats in ERC facilities. This means members storing boats must pay all fees and dues owing in full by May 1st of each year. Failure to do so will result in immediate cancellation of existing space assignments and will place the member’s Boat Storage Application at the end of the current application queue. Note: Membership is defined here as a full year membership (lifetime, competitive or sport).
  4. Renewal date and fees:
  • The term of paid boat storage at the Edmonton Rowing Club is twelve months: April 1 to March 31, annually.
  • The annual fee covers one boat, its riggers, and one set of oars.
  1. Requests for storage: Requests for storage must be made to the club manager. Once a spot has been assigned, boat information and rental fees can be paid on-line.
  2. Waiting list:
  • If no spaces are available when a request for storage is made, the ERC will create a waiting list for available spaces. Spaces will be assigned as they become available, and in the order the application was made. The waiting list, if any, will be posted in an area accessible to all members. The list will be updated periodically as new requests are made, cancelled or filled.
  • When space becomes available, the first member on the waiting list will be notified and has seven (7) days to accept or decline the available space. If declined, the member’s application will be cancelled. The member will be invoiced upon acceptance for the cost of storage, with payment also due upon acceptance.
  1. Members with disabilities or special needs have priority on shelf assignments: With respect to shelf assignments, location-priority consideration will be given to members who have disabilities/special needs for handling their rowing shell.
  2. Spaces may be assigned or reassigned at the discretion of the ERC. The ERC reserves the right to move the shells among the racks and slings inside the boathouse. Boats unused for 14 days consecutively may be moved to slings to accommodate usage and accessibility for other members.
  3. Storage conditions:
  • Shells and oars must be stored safely.
  • Storage shelves must be kept neat. PFDs, clothing, towels, etc. must not be hung from shells and shelves.
  • Shells and oars stored in violation of these requirements may not be granted storage space, or may have their current assignment suspended or cancelled.
  1. No subletting or lending storage space: Members may not lend or sublet boat storage spaces.
  2. Storage is at owner’s risk: All privately owned equipment is stored at the risk of the owner. The ERC is not responsible for any damage to, loss of, or theft of members’ equipment stored on ERC premises, whether because of the fault of ERC or otherwise.
  3. Abandoned spaces: The ERC will cancel members’ storage privileges when their allocated spaces remain empty for a period longer than thirty (30) consecutive days, unless the member obtains special written permission from the ERC Executive.
  4. Reapplying following cancellation of a storage space. A member who loses the privilege of a storage space may reapply for storage as per point 5 of this policy.
  5. Notification of removal: Any boat owner in violation of this policy will receive three (3) email notices from the ERC to remove their privately owned oars, boat and any other equipment. Equipment that has not been removed after seven (7) days of the third notice will be removed from the boathouse and disposed of at the discretion of the ERC Executive.
  6. Breaches of this policy: All decisions made under this policy by the ERC Executive, including cancellation of a member’s boat storage privileges, are final and binding. Questions about any of aspects of this policy may be directed to the ERC Club Manager. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in full is a prerequisite for the granting or continuance of storage privileges.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please email membership director Mei Wah Fong (