Head of Vermilion – Wind, Waves, Weeds, and Weird Trophies

Hosted by the Lakeland College & Lakeland Rowing Club, the Head of the Vermilion is a 3000m head race on Vermilion Park Lake. Although it only happens once every three years, this year marked a big milestone, the 20th anniversary. Head of the Vermilion was the first race of the fall season for the ERC […]

Edmonton Rowing Club wins Men’s Division title at the 2015 NWIRA Championship

48 Edmonton athletes made their way to Regina this weekend to compete at the 112nd NWIRA regatta. The North-West International Rowing Association (NWIRA) championship is one of the oldest sporting events in the north-western region and features the highly sought after Lipton Cup for the winner of the overall club championship. Unfortunately, racing at the […]

Henley 2015 – Day 6

We are happy to finally bring you the last report from this year’s Canadian Henley Regatta. Over the course of Saturday afternoon and Sunday a whopping 10 crews represented at the Edmonton Rowing Club in Henley Finals!! That means a quarter of all of our entries raced in finals on the weekend alone.   Saturday […]

Henley 2015 – Day 5

The ERC press team would like to apologize to all athletes, club members and fans for the delay in getting this report out to you. So called “day jobs” appear to be getting in the way of efficient and quick press coverage of the final two regatta days. Unfortunately, the promised summary of all weekend […]

Henley 2015 – Day 4

After a packed schedule on the previous day, Friday was a little slower and gentler on the coaching staff, who had substituted normal food intake for an exclusively coffee based diet at this point.  First to take to the water was Erin Watchman in a heat of the U17 Women’s 1x. Erin completed her tour of all junior […]

Henley 2015 – Day 3

The Edmonton Rowing Club started the morning with the best set of results in the regatta thus far. Every single crew that raced before noon progressed to semi-finals or finals. Sources close to head coach and Australian national Ali Williams suggest that the rage and ferocity she inspired in the Edmonton athletes came in defiance of Australia’s […]

Henley 2015 – Day 2

More heats and semi-finals were on the program for Wednesday, before the hunt for Henley medals would officially open on Thursday afternoon. The Edmonton contingent started the day be splitting up the successful doubles combination of Michael Hohnstein and Colin Findlay to race in separate heats of the U23 Men’s 1x. “Whirlwind” and “Fury” took to the water eager to […]

Henley 2015 – Day 1

Racing is underway at the 133rd Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catherines, ON. The ERC is represented by a team of approximately 30 athletes who aim to compete for Henley medals. Famously, only gold medals are awarded at this regatta. The crews have their work cut out with an overall attendance of approximately 2700 […]

Solid small boat performances on final day of BC Championship regatta

The final day of the BC Championship regatta started with another round of 5 am weigh-ins and 6:30 am time trails. The Edmonton Rowing Club was out in full force with 6 singles, 4 pairs and 5 doubles taking on the 1800 m distance.   The first final of the day was the Open Mens 4- in which two ERC lightweight […]

Quadruple Scull and Coxless Four Shine on Day 1 of BC Championship 2015

While Aline and Ali were gallivanting around Mexico in maple leaf plastered clothing, the majority of the Senior Competitive and Masters squads made the trip out to Vancouver Island to compete at the BC Championships. The ERC was represented by approximately 30 athletes with an age range from 16 to somewhere around the high sixties […]